Enjoy Dinner at Wild Flower!


Goat Buster

Goat cheese fondue served with Granny Smith apples, crisp carrots, celery, & artisanal breads: 15

Wild Thing Pizza

Housemade garlic & herb crust, topped with Brie, organic spinach, & sauteed mushrooms: 14

Chicken Quesadilla

Flour tortilla, chipotle spread, cheeses blended with blackened chicken with salsa & jalapeno sour cream: 10

Calamari Fritti

Flash fried, tossed in classic pesto, served with Peperonata & Moroccan olives: 12

Truffled Mac-n-Cheese

Mac-n-Cheese, topped with a panko crust & white truffle oil: 10

Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta

Oven roasted & drizzled with balsamic reduction: 9


Lobster Bisque / Tomato Basil / Soup du jour

Cup 6 / Bowl 10


Golden Chevre

Organic mixed greens, fresh berries, candied walnuts, & julienne apples accompanied by a strawberry poppyseed vinaigrette topped with panko encrusted chevre: 15

Organic Spinach Salad

Organic baby spinach, golden raisins, toasted walnuts, gorganzola, with a balsamic & dijon vinaigrette:

sm 7 / lg 12


sm 7 / lg 12


Seafood Risotto

Braised peppers topped with Gulf shrimp & bay scallops: 30

Wild Mushroom Fettuccini

This earthy cream sauce is accentuated with a drizzle of white truffle oil: 18

Pasta Pomodoro

Angel hair pasta with toasted garlic, marinara, & basil: 17

Add Protein:

5 – chicken / 8 – calamari / 11 – organic salmon, beef tenderloin, or three jumbo shrimp


Organic Irish Salmon Feature

From St. Brennan’s, Ireland, this salmon is hand fed organic food and raised in an ocean pen comprised of 99.5% fresh water: 31

Signature Garlic Chicken

Lightly breaded chicken breast generously stuffed with cream cheese, roasted garlic, & chives served on a bed of fettuccine alfredo with fresh seasonal vegetable: 22

The Best Filet

8oz grass-fed tenderloin of beef, fingerling potatoes, broccolini, & mushroom Madeira with golden raisins: 38

Chicken and Dumplings

Roasted Airline chicken breast, carrots, cioppolini onions with sweet peas, confit mushrooms, and gnocchi in a silky leek veloute: 26


Always Housemade & the perfect compliment to a great evening!