Last week we were joined by a few ladies from the community for a tasting.  The party was small, so we were able to set up a mock special event table to showcase some of the catering options we offer.  (BONUS: I got to show off my napkin folding skillz)

Our guests had a fantastic time, but it was rivaled by the fun that was being had in the kitchen.  One of our chefs, Alexis, got to unleash her creativity with sweet chili salmon skewers, sweet potato and avocado bites, and gazpacho with roasted pineapple.  My mouth was watering just looking at them!

It’s always interesting to watch the kitchen during an event like this.  Our tiny cook line and prep area are stretched to the gills facilitating a loft event without letting restaurant food quality slip below our standards.  Watching our cooks balance their responsibilities can sometimes be like a circus act.  Acrobats high in the air with a skillet in each hand, bouncing back and forth from the ingredients to the salamander to the oven to the flat top.  There is no better feeling than when we are able to work not as many cogs, but as one giant machine, bringing vibrancy and life to our little corner of the Central West End.